We are all about Colour Friday this November

We are all about Colour Friday this November

Here at Aloft we love feel good fashion. Dubbed 'part fashion, part mindfulness', dopamine dressing is the trend that encourages people to choose clothing that matches their desired mood. So, if we opt for colourful clothing over the drab and dreary, we'll get a boost of dopamine and feel happier. Whatever the season you will always find a selection of uplifting and stylish pieces in store or online. We are all about the brights and stripes so it is no surprise that this year we are getting behind Colour Friday on the 24th November.

Colour Friday is part of Campaign Shop Independent, led by Holly Tucker MBE (original founder of Not on the High Street) and supported by Natwest, Dell and Royal Mail. Holly’s mission is to encourage the nation to shop thoughtfully, independently and colourfully, this Christmas. She wants to put independent businesses that bring originality, creativity and colour to the UK retail market in the spot light and asks that we swap some of our usual Christmas spend to small shops instead. 

Almost a third of people start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. But did you know that as a nation we’re still spending…

  • £12.3 billion on Black Friday with businesses like Amazon¹
  • Despite the fact that 80% of it ends up in landfill²
  • And nearly 60% of UK small businesses fear closure in the coming year.

Most customers in the UK say they care about our high streets and independent businesses. However caring is not enough. Holly encourages shoppers to think about the impact of their spending, highlighting the difference that even one extra gift could make. If everyone bought one Christmas gift with an independent this year, a vital £2.7 billion could be reallocated to independents.

So let's help boycott Black Friday by choosing Colour Friday and shopping with small businesses instead. Brighten up your Christmas shopping by choosing colourful, characterful, local independent shops this year.

So lets get involved and spread the good word. Follow Holly's campaign on instagram @Holly.co @HollyTucker #CampaignShopIndependent. Don't forget to follow, like, comment and share your local shop heroes too. And of course, most importantly, get out in your community and vote with your feet!

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