Self Care this Valentine's Day

Self Care this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s day approaching the team at Aloft got to thinking about what this day means to us. Of course it’s lovely to have a partner show care for you whether it’s with a soppy card, romantic gift or sharing a meal. But here at Aloft we believe in making time for self care so here are our tips for a Valentine’s Day that’s all about the self love.

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness and priority. It’s a necessity.”

  • Mandy Hale, author of ‘The Single Woman, Sassy Survival Guide’.

Let's start on some physical self care. Get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed for some yoga or stretching, before serving yourself a healthy breakfast in bed.

Take an extra 5 minutes over getting dressed this morning. Our clothes can make us feel good and give us a confidence boost. Maybe even treat yourself to a new piece as a gift to your self. How about our gorgeous Jumper 1234 heart elbow patch crew. It’s a very wearable navy and white stripe with cute heart detailing.

Taking care of the spaces around you can so make some time for some environmental self care. Cosy up with an Atlantic Blanket and light a scented candle. The Mewstone Candle Company has a range of fragrances to suit your mood.  Beach Hut is one of our favourites stocked in the Salcombe and Padstow stores. And who says you can’t send flowers to yourself.

Do something you genuinely love. Recreational self-care involves making time for

hobbies, fun and experiences. Whether it’s getting out in the fresh air, crafting, reading or binge watching Netflix. Don’t feel guilty about it. This is about what makes you happy.

Even on a day when you are focusing on yourself, it is important. To factor in Social self-care. Maybe meet a friend for a coffee or walk or just catch up with someone by phone or text.

Allow some time for some self indulgence and pampering. Our new range by land&water. Sea, lake or river; beach, cliff or shore. land&water grew from many joyful moments spent on the threshold between dynamic and restful. Inspired by being in, on, or looking out over water, and the invigorating and restorative effect it has, their products capture that emotion with a blend of buoyant citrus and serene, green and woody notes.

We’d love to hear about how your practice some self love this Valentine’s day. Tag us in @aloftco




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