Nina Brooke a Sea Scape artist painting stunning scenes of beaches and aerial sea views from Cornwall

Nina Brooke - Cornwall based Seascape Artist

One of our most favourite artists who happens to live and work in a studio in Rock is called Nina Brooke.

Nina is know for her vivid aerial view painting of beaches and sea scapes around the world, and especially from Cornwall. Her paintings are usually large scale and capture the freedom, space and colours of being in and around the sea. She grew up between Cornwall and the Caribbean and her work really encapsulates the vivid turquoise water of the sea that you find in both parts of the world.

Nina has travelled extensively around the world, surfing and painting some of the most glorious beaches and seascapes, from Bali to Sri Lanka, but is always drawn back to the coast of Cornwall.

Throughout the Summer you can visit her studio in Rock at certain times during the week. You can find details on her website is

and her through her instagram account. This is also a great place to keep up with the artwork she is currently working on and learn how she goes about creating her artworks, Nina's instagram account  is @nina_brooke_artist (you won't be dissapointed!)

She also has artwork exhibited at the gallery North Coast Asylum which is in Newquay, and in Jackson Gallery in Rock. Both galleries we really recommend if you are looking for places to see local and national artists whilst you are down visiting Padstow and Cornwall.

Nina Brooke in our Numph Summer 20 sundress

We asked Nina to pick her favourite dress from our Summer collection and here she is wearing our Numph Nublaze tie dye dress. Perfect for days at the beach (or spent in the studio) its made from a cotton cheescloth material and is a timeless shape that you'll be able to wear for many summers and holidays to come.

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