Swedish outdoor brand Holebrook brings quality and sustainability to everyday clothing

Holebrook - Behind the brand

Here at Aloft we love the brand Holebrook. A Swedish brand that we have stocked since the day we opened. Their product is everything we want in a garment; quality fabric crafted with unusual details for a unique, individual style. The timeless designs of their knitwear means you will be wearing your Holebrook piece season after season. As the slow fashion movement grows, Holebrook is the perfect brand for those looking for sustainable fashion that they can buy now but wear forever. Many of their knits use merino wool which makes them perfect pieces to take you from a coastal walk to a pub lunch. Holebrook is a favourite for us here at Aloft who enjoy coastal living. 
The people at Holebrook are incredibly proud of their product , so we asked them to tell us some more about what goes on behind the design and production of their beautiful knitwear.
“To us, knitting is a craftsmanship. Our garments may be knitted by a machine in a factory, but in order for the end result to become a sweater, cardigan or dress, you need a great deal of craftsmanship knowledge. The journey from idea to finished sweater is long, and it isn’t until we feel good about every detail, that we’ll start the machines.
All our clothes are made in Europe, by partners who we have been working with for along time, who maintain our high quality, and value work on fair terms. It gives us a good insight into the production, as well as shorter transportations and a smaller impact on the environment.
An important part in our craftsmanship is that we choose and buy all yarn and details such as buttons and zippers ourselves, and then hire the factory to carry out the knitting.
Through the years, we’ve learned quite a few things about knitting, which we believe will affect the sweater when you start wearing it:
Holebrook is a swedish outdoors brand, specialising in windproof knitted jackets
The Yarn
Which yarn we use – as well as its qualities – is the main factor affecting the end result. We buy all our yarn from European suppliers; the quality is high and we always choose yarns which we know are durable enough to be worn, and are sustainable in an environmental perspective as well. In addition, all our cotton yarns are organic, with only one exception: a mottled grey yarn (organic mottled yarns are yet not available).
The Knitting
Aside from the yarn, which is the biggest factor in determining the end result, the knitting technique plays a crucial part as well. Perfect thickness, perfect warmth and just the right amount of exclusivity, carefully combined. It may sound obvious, but knitting is a craftsmanship which to this day, needs good knowledge of both yarns and techniques.
The Design
Design to us, is just as much about function as it is about form, and just as much about quality, as it is about feel. This is also the idea which Holebrook once was founded upon; the combination of a knitted sweater of our own design, and protection from the wind. Today, some of our newer collections have other functions as well, but the design-part of the equation still remains.
Quality and Sustainability
To us, quality is a matter of course. But quality is also about environmental sustainability. Our garments are made of materials that will feel good for both your skin and heart; they need to be comfortable to wear, and have as little environmental impact as possible. By taking good care of your garments and using it longer, we can increase their sustainability together.”
 The best knitwear and casual styles from Swedish brand Holebrook
So we hope you can understand why we love this brand so much. Its such an honour to be able to work so closely with them and stock them online and in our stores. If you have any questions about them please let us know and we'll do our best to help. Show us how you are wearing your Holebrook @aloftco .


To find out more about the brand you can visit their website




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