Gifts for Beach Lovers

Gifts for Beach Lovers

If you’re looking for a gift for beach lovers then here at Aloft we have you covered. We are all out enjoying the coast come rain or shine, 12 months of the year and we know what luxuries and essentials  would be very welcome in our Christmas stockings.

An absolute must is a quick dry towel. Ours from Dock & Bay are perfect. They have their own little bag and fit neatly in to your beach bag or backpack. They are sand resistant so make great picnic blankets in the summer and in the winter they are great for getting dry after a Christmas Day swim.

The reusable water bottle has become a beach must-have in recent years. We take ours everywhere! Plastic bottles can take hundreds of years to break down, meaning that they will remain in the environment for generations to come. By switching to reusable water bottles, beachgoers can help to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean and protect marine life. Or how about a beach cup? Their design prevents them from tipping over in the sand. They will keep your hot drinks hot in the winter and your cold drinks cold in the summer.

A blanket is a great Christmas gift. Ours from Atlantic Blankets are delicious. Designed in Cornwall and made sustainably in the British Isles. They can be lovingly draped over your sofa, or thrown onto the sand. 


Cosy accessories are always needed for blustery walks at the beach or to warm up after a bracing wild swim. We have a great range for men and women. And for when you are back home by the fire how about a pair of cosy sheepskin slippers.

We also have some beautiful homewares for beach lovers to enjoy some coastal vibes indoors. How about a scented candle form the Mewstone Candle Company. Made here in Devon with fragrances inspired by the beach, such as Beach Hut, Rock Salt & Driftwood. Or how about a tidal calendar poster so you can plan your next adventures. Specially commissioned for Aloft we have Salcombe and Padstow calendars available in two sizes that you can pop in to a frame to suit your individual style.

We always carry a range of cool beach toys and games for every age. From buckets that scrunch up to fit in your bag and balls that bounce on water, we have the fun times covered.

Our team will always help you out in finding the perfect gift.


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