Dry January needn't be dull down in the South West

Dry January needn't be dull down in the South West

Here we are in January and it can sometimes feel like a month where there is no fun to be had. In its 10th year now and many of us are committed to Dry January. But does this mean we have to live like hermits, forgoing all social activities? Or is it an opportunity to explore something new and enjoy the great outdoors clear headed, full of energy, without the hangover.

Here in the South West we have some incredible producers of botanicals that offer great non alcoholic alternatives.  Pentire based down in Cornwall make healthy drinks for active, outdoor loving folk. A healthier choice for the go-getters, the adventurous and the doers. Created from the unique plant life that grows on the headland of the same name. Check out their website for some inspiration for sophisticated non alcoholic serves. High Point is another creator near to us in Padstow. Making innovative, super-premium fermented aperitif and digestif. Again they have some delicious serve suggestions on their website. So whether you are looking for inspiration for alternatives for your end of the day G & T or to throwing a party in January with some delicious no alcohol options, there is plenty of new ideas to explore.

Just down the road from us, Salcombe Gin has been making award winning gin at their distillery in Island Street. Now they have added 3 new non alcoholic spirits and aperitifs in to their range with the New London Light range. And if your craving a bit of glamour their 0% cocktails served in the Boathouse bar are seriously tempting. How about a ‘Shore Elevation’. An award-winning cocktail that showcases New London Light ‘First Light’. Elegantly paired with sweet sage and lemon sherbet, perfectly balanced with umami notes of green tea. Or and Oslo Highball. Crisp, fragrant and ultimately thirst-quenching. Sipping this is like taking in a deep breath of fresh Nordic air in the glowing midnight sun.

Many of our favourite bars and restaurants are now offering some great non alcoholic drinks so you don’t need to miss out on the fun. The Terrace Bar at the Southsands Hotel offers New London Light as well as range of mocktails. Rick Stein’s Ruby’s Bar in Padstow has a great non alcoholic cocktail menu so you can still enjoy an elegant evening out.

So dry January doesn’t need to be dull. It’s an opportunity to try something new and still enjoy good friends, great flavours and with and a clear head it means we can do it all again tomorrow.

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Cheers from the Aloft team.


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