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 H e l l o !!!

The Aloft shop hopes to bring you a little bit of sunshine to wherever you may be.

The Aloft shop was lovingly founded in 2015 by Jim Hartley. It is located in the picturesque seaside town of Padstow, Cornwall. In 2019 Kim and Beth became partners with Jim in Aloft, and in the Summer of 2020 Aloft opened their second shop, joining the wonderful family run team in Trevisker Garden Centre. In April of 2021 they opened their third shop in the town of Salcombe, Devon.

Our curated collection is full of beautiful mens and ladies clothing, homewares, fun beach accessories, jewellery and gifts. We hope you'll find something here to treat yourself too, as well as being able to pick up fun and quirky gifts for others. We feel very passionate about bringing you high quality products and careful choose the brands we work with.

Aloft stocks beautiful knits and nautically inspired clothing by the Swedish brand Holebrook, accessories by Will Bees Bespoke, mens shirts by Frangipani to name but a few.

We are also always on the look out for new emerging designers and brands. We want to bring you products you won't find everywhere, making your visit to our shop a must-do when you're on holiday.

The Aloft team are super happy to go the extra mile and we’re always here to help! If you have any queries about your purchase, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

 M e e t   o u r   l o v e l y   t e a m 



"Any one that knows me and the shop, will know any disco music will get me going! I have a couple of tunes that go louder than the others though!

I don't have any pets at the moment. I used to have loads. At one stage, Six chickens, one pot belly pig called streaky! Long story but he found me!

Two dogs, tia and dolly. Seven cats, six calfs, two pigs which were for the freezer! Hence why I now don't like meat much!

My favorite brand is hard to choose, as I love all our brands, but I am hedging towards Numph...but then there's Holebrook! And I love the new Ese collection!

My day off is spending much loved time with my Mum and being Nana to the gorgeous Evelyn.

My life motto, easy, PMA! Positive. Mental. Attitude."


"My disco classics would be anything from the 80sI think my all time favourite has to be Billie Jean - MJ

My dog is called Margaret! She’s a 4yr old black lab, and is the daughter of Jim’s dog (Jim who started Aloft. ) All our pets (alive and dead have regal names) so Margaret also has 2 cat siblings called Bertie and Wallace!

My favourite brand that we have in store is Numph, I love the colours and prints they use and there’s always an element of fun or playfulness to their products
Fav product - definitely Beach Toes nail polish - I think I nearly have every colour now!

On my days off I try and be at the beach or out and about on the coast, I like to run or swim, paddle board, kayak, basically anything outdoors and ideally with the sun shining and with friends.

The life quote I follow - The purpose of our life is to be happy (Dalai Lama)"



"My favourite disco tune is Never too much - Luther Vandross absolute belter!

My dog is called Gizmo he is a (almost) 7 year old Pekinese pug x chihuahua. Named after the old school film Gremlins, and suits his name with his crazy, funny little attitude and just like the gremlins, doesn’t like getting wet but will eat after midnight given the chance!

My favourite brand in the shop has got to be Numph, they always use gorgeous prints plus fabulous price points. Also their coats are gorgeous! 
My favourite products are the Rino Pelle faux fur coats and gilets in blush.

The quote I live by is 'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.' - Albert Einstein"                                   


 F a n c y   j o i n i n g   o u r   f a n t a s t i c   t e a m  ? 

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