Colour Me Good 80s Colouring Book
Colour Me Good 80s Colouring Book
Colour Me Good 80s Colouring Book
Colour Me Good 80s Colouring Book

Colour Me Good 80s Colouring Book


Get nostalgic with this totally rad 1980's themed colouring book. Do you remember the eighties? Or have you just been lured in by the fashion and old films? Either way, there will be something for you to colour in in this colouring book that celebrates all the highlights of this retro era. The IloveMel colouring books are for anyone who might enjoy colouring… And that could be everyone!

If you remember BMXs, Mr Frosty, Molly Ringwald, Casio watch, Moonlighting, high tops when they were cool the first time around, roller boots, Rubik’s Cubes bringing the world to a puzzled standstill and View masters – this is the colouring book for you. They're all in there, plus loads more. It even has a heart-warming poem all about the flouro decade too!

It’s time to grab your brightest coloured felt-tip pens and pencils and to get to work colouring in some great visual reminders of the decade.


Casio digital watch; E.T.; Sony Walkman; Pretty in Pink: Duckie and Andie Walsh; Polaroid Camera; Belinda Carlise; My Little Pony, Mr Frosty, Play Doh, Merlin and a View Master; Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now; Clairol Benders; Regan and Thatcher; Moonlighting; Raleigh bike; rollerskates; Reebok shoes, ray-bans, and other 80s shoes; Madonna, Dynasty: Alexis; 

This colouring book contains 16 colouring pages of black line drawings by Mel Elliott for you to colour in.

It's printed on 150g Ecoplex paper, which is made from recycled paper so absolutely no trees were harmed during the making of this book.

This colouring book is an unofficial, unauthorised and independent book. It does not purport to indicate trade origin connected with the subject. Neither the subject nor anyone acting for or associated with the subject have given their permission to publish this book. Whilst the publishers believe all statements of fact in this book to be true at the time of publishing, they do not accept any responsibility in this regard.

Book measures 21x21cm

Author: Mel Elliott

Publisher: I Love Mel