ESE o ESE C.Kalahari Shirt

ESE o ESE C.Kalahari Shirt


Beautiful lightweight shirt from Spanish brand Ese o Ese.

Made from a fabric called Ramie, which is very similar to Linen. It has a slubby texture to it with a little bit of shine. The fabric is soft and keeps you cool on hot days.

The shirt is a classic shape with a button placket to the front, sleeves that reach bracelet length and 2 front pockets. The hemline is curved, so comes up a little at each side.

The fit is loose throughout and is meant to be slighlty oversized, so it doesnt cling to the body. At the back is a yoke seam with 2 pleats so the fabric hangs loosely on the back of the garment too.

100% Ramie

Colour is a soft baby blue

Handwash, or wash on a delicates cycle.